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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 24

Quick update tonight- We returned to Masaya to work in the hospital today. We split up into two groups. In the morning, Chris and I spent our time in the OR and Labor and Delivery. One of the doctors taught us to take the fetal heartbeat as well as how to determine the strength of contractions and dilation. We scrubbed in an orthopedic hand surgery of a 30 year old woman who had a needle lodged into her bone from a sowing machine. It was by far the oddest x-ray we have ever seen. In the afternoon we rotated between the ER and pediatric unit where I inserted my first foley catheter, saw a young boy with dengue fever, helped drain an enlarged belly from cirrhosis due to hepatitis, and watched a doctor tell a patient's family he was on his death bed.

Tonight we are all relaxing a bit and enjoying a game of cards. Leslie just submitted her medical school applications. She is freaking out! After looking over her 13 page page primary application, I'm getting a little nervous for the future... Tomorrow morning we are working in the hospital again. We are taking the afternoon off to see a movie and eat at our favorite gelato shop for the last time!

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