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I'm participating in a month-long medical trip to Nicaragua, so I'd like to use this blog to document all of my experiences abroad and keep everyone at home in touch!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 25-26

Yesterday we worked in ER during the morning and took the afternoon off. We headed into Managua to see Transformers 3. I've seen four movies in theaters here for the price of a little more than just one ticket in the States. This morning we were up early to head to San Juan del Sur, a small beach community an hour and a half outside of Masaya. Somehow we were lucky enough to get bright blue, sunny skies even though it's the middle of the rainy season here! Each day it has been pouring for at least a few hours. It was so nice to relax, swim in the ocean, and enjoy a seafood lunch on the beach.

Tomorrow will be our last day in the hospital. I will be back in Fayetteville late Tuesday night to start summer classes at 8 AM on Wednesday. It's hard to believe my time in Nicaragua has come to an end. I will always cherish my experiences here. In the coming days, I will post my last blog entry (as well as more pictures from the end of the trip). Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with me over the past four weeks. All of your support and kind words have meant the world to me!

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